51 symposia have been organised
so far, which has contributed to the development of Polish Biblical science
10 bulletins of the Association
of Polish Biblical Scholars
have been published.

About Us

The Association of Polish Biblical Scholars was founded on 5th December 2003, but it recognizes the contribution of the previous generations of Polish biblical scholars and benefits from their scientific achievements.
The Association was founded on the basis of a Statute approved on 1st December 2003 by 309th Plenary Session of the Conference of the Polish Episcopate. The inaugural meeting took place in Warsaw.

The main purpose of the Association is to develop and deepen the knowledge of the Holy Scripture through scholar research and to communicate it to the people. By fulfilling objectives expressed in the Statute the Association accepts, appreciates, undertakes and wants to continue the effort of many generations of Polish biblical scholars and theologians, who persistently read, explained, translated and popularized the Holy Scripture and promoted the deepened understanding of its message and realities.

The Association organizes annual meetings, taking place on the third week of September. The members of the Association present there the results of their research. 50 symposia have been organized so far, 9 of them since the Association was founded.

The Association also publishes a bulletin – “Zeszyty Naukowe Stowarzyszenia Biblistów Polskich” (“Academic Papers of the Association of Polish Biblical Scholars”). 10 bulletins have been published so far.

At present the Association assembles more than 290 members with different academic degrees. It is an enormous intellectual and spiritual potential, which on the threshold of the 21st century contributes to the scientific and didactic landscape in Poland. The lecturers of Holy Scripture who hold at least a licentiate degree in biblical theology or an analogous degree in a related science can become members of APBS. Research workers with post-doctoral degree become members on the basis of individually submitted application, and admittance of other scientific workers requires recommendation of two ordinary members of APBS.

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